The Crown of the Foothills is over. The visitors to the Wiśnicz Castle had an opportunity to get acquainted with the lesser horseshoe bat and the laureates recognised for their involvement in bat conservation. (more…)
4 April 2017
The Nowy Wiśnicz Castle expects the visitors very soon. Special welcome has been prepared already. (more…)
24 March 2017
The 1st of April, the Horseshoes have good taste! 2017 event will take place in the Nowy Wiśnicz Castle, as a part of this year’s Crown of the Foothills.
8 March 2017

During the Winter season when bats are absent from their Summer colonies, the LIFE Podkowiec+ team works intensively in many roosts. (more…)

22 February 2017
The Church of the Assumption of Mary in Małastów, one of the oldest villages in the Beskid Niski [Low Beskidy Mts], built in early 1800s, as a Greek-catholic tserkov, nowadays serves as a Roman-catholic church. (more…)
15 February 2017
Śnietnica, village lying on the Biała (White) River, tributary to Dunajec, belongs to the exclusive club of settlements hosting the lesser horseshoe bat colony. Several dozen females with their offspring, makes over a hundred of these bats living in the Greek-catholic tserkov of St Dimitri. (more…)
30 January 2017
The Horseshoe Bat Ambassadors get ready for the battle. The Second Horseshoe Ambassador Championship begun.

The participation in the Championship is open to those who want (more…)

13 January 2017
The Podkowiec+ project takes care not only for the horseshoe, but also other bats prpotected by the EU legislation. These are the Greater mouse-eared and Geoffroy’s bats. (more…)
23 December 2016
1st Horseshoe Ambassador Championships were carried out between August 27th and November 20th, 2016. There were 12 participants, who declared their involvement in this play: (more…)
7 December 2016
The effects of the renovation of bat roost buildings are clearly visible. (more…)
30 November 2016
November 5th and 6th, the tourist guides and candidates meet in the Sękowa Municipality, at the training organised by Janusz Lewek (Horseshoe Ambassador, Tourist Information Post in Sękowa) and Piotr Firlej (Podkowiec+ staff member). (more…)
8 November 2016
This year’s Milk Cap Feast in Wysowa (1-2 October 2016) welcomed the Land of the Horseshoe Bat. Milk cap (known also as pine mushroom) is a delicacy, gladly picked by Poles. (more…)
20 October 2016
At the Anthony Hill, inside the forest near the village of Gorzanów, Municipality Bystrzyca Kłodzka, there is a 17th century chapel dedicated to St Anthony of Padua, once accompanied by a hermitage, that was used till the end of the WW2. (more…)
14 October 2016
The Bat Night in Wapiennik Łaskawy Kamień (Lime-Kiln “Benevolent Stone”) in Stara Morawa, held on 27 August, 2016, happened to be an important event also for the LIFE Podkowiec+ project. (more…)
8 September 2016
After European football (or soccer, if you prefer American terminology) cup and Olympics, comes the time for a key event of 2016. (more…)
1 September 2016