In November bats do not fell asleep yet, sometimes their activity is rather high, but it usually happens away from their reproduction colonies. This is the time when their summer shelters get attention of the conservationists. The LIFE Podkowiec+ project team have their hands full improving the bat roost habitats in line with bat needs. (more…)
29 November 2017
It was already 26th national chiropterological conference in Poland to talk on research and conservation of bats. The programme contained traditional presentations and posters, with some moderated discussions (more…)
27 November 2017
In Autumn, the horseshoe bats get ready for Winter sleep in their underground shelters. Calling wintering of bats “sleep” is a simplification, it is rather a state of torpor. (more…)
31 October 2017
Front and back side of the cover shows the Lesser horseshoe bat photos. Inside, all the Polish bat species, in different poses and situations. It is the new publication of OTON, (more…)
25 October 2017
Late Summer and coming of Autumn was full of events, where the lesser horseshoe bat was a guest or even co-organised them. (more…)
2 October 2017
As a part of the LIFE Podkowiec+ project, a second (unfortunately the last) study tour „presence of horseshoe bat as a leverage for the socio-economic benefits for local communities” took place in early September. (more…)
19 September 2017
We invite all interested to the Bat Festival, that will take place near Jaskinia Nietoperzowa – The Bat Cave (between Kraków and Olkusz). (more…)
29 August 2017
Once in three years, European bat researchers meet at the European Bat Research Symposium. This time, already 14th, Symposium took place in the Basque country, in Donostia. (more…)
17 August 2017
In July, the monitoring visit to the LIFE Podkowiec+ project took place. The visitors were Ms Anna Franek from the European Commission and representatives of the Monitoring Team, MsMarta Kaczyńska and Mr Michal Horáček. (more…)
31 July 2017
The Muszyna Biblical Gardens created the Lesser Horseshoe Information Centre in Sącz Region.

In the information point, one may learn: (more…)

10 July 2017
As a part of the LIFE Podkowiec+ project, a study tour „presence of horseshoe bat as a leverage for the socio-economic benefits for local communities” for the representatives of institutions and individual persons, whose activity is related with the conservation of lesser horseshoe and other bat species. (more…)
29 June 2017
The Horseshoe Ambassador Championships were carried out for the second time. The idea came from the LIFE Podkowiec+ Project (more…)
5 June 2017
It became tradition that April and May are full of horseshoe events. First of all, the air is busy with flying creatures that (more…)
31 May 2017
Sunday evening, 30 April, 2017, the weather did not encourage to walking or watching nature. Also the bats that just returned under the freshly renovated church roof, were reluctant to leave their cosy shelter. (more…)
5 May 2017
It was the first time that the Horseshoe bat rode a bicycle. The First Horseshoe Bicycle Race took place on 29th of April, 2017, between Piwniczna and Wierchomla in The Beskid Sądecki Mts. The Race was organised by the Tourism Information of Piwniczna-Zdrój. (more…)
30 April 2017