Front and back side of the cover shows the Lesser horseshoe bat photos. Inside, all the Polish bat species, in different poses and situations. It is the new publication of OTON, Ogólnopolskie Towarzystwo Ochrony Nietoperzy (Polish Association of Bat Conservation). At the OTON’s website one can read that the book was a result of the “cooperation between OTON, Stowarzyszenie „Uroczysko” from Supraśl and Regional Fund for Environment in Białystok“.

Humans meet the bats in multiple situations. In most cases, these are conflict-free encounters, however need for intervention happens. The book gives advice what may be done, and when to call for help of experienced bat worker. The counsels are illustrated with excellent infographics, usually taking the form of comics or well chosen photographs. Most of the shots are taken by Maurycy Ignaczak, well known bat researcher and photographer.

The authors are experienced researchers and practitioners, and the book was revised by distinguished Polish chiropterologist Grzegorz Lesiński. The authors took care for high profile of the book, others, including use of the newest scientific names of bat species. However the publication is not dedicated to professionals, but rather to general public. This was addressed by attractive form, use of simple language and the adequate, clear illustrations.

The book will certainly become nestseller very quick, maybe even a rara avis, fortunately, it is available for free download as PDF version.

The photos used in this news item come from the website of OTON