This is NOT the end of horseshoe conservation but only of the LIFE Podkowiec+ project. For 5 years, the Polish Society of Wildlife Friends “Pro Natura: run a project supported by the EU LIFE mechanism and the National Fund for Environment and Water Management, along with society’s own funds and involvement of the PPMD enterprise.

The report from the project implementation may be found at the “For Download” section.

In short, renovation of the roofs in 9 buildings, helped to safeguard several colonies of the lesser horseshoe, greater mouse-eared and Geoffroy’s bats. Construction of 7 platforms for the collection of guano protected further sites from degradation and as a consequence, assured conditions for the continuity of bat colonies. Three hibernation sites have been protected from unauthorised access. In 60 roosts the team improved micro-habitat for bats. Gaps in bat fly routes have been filled in the vicinity of 38 roosts. Illumination of 19 Summer roosts has been improved for less harmful to bats.

The project activities already gained continuation. Three Regional Directorates for Environment run their own projects protecting lesser horseshoe bats in three voivodeships in Southern Poland. Pro Natura already applied for funding to continue and extend the work for these bats. Several initiatives involving other partners have been developed to support bat conservation through the offers for visitors of important bat roosts and important localities in the Lesser horseshoe Land.

Despite lower capacity of the team, after the project’s end, this website and related Facebook fan pages will do their best to update on the advancements in horseshoe conservation, any new initiatives and results of the LIFE Podkowiec+ project.