It was already 26th national chiropterological conference in Poland to talk on research and conservation of bats. The programme contained traditional presentations and posters, with some moderated discussions covering selected topics of bat conservation and conservation related research. Each of the topic was preceded with introduction by an expert. The discussions were concentrated on three aspects – bat conservation in buildings and forest, as well as the problems related to roads and energy production infrastructure. Conservation methods tried out so far, worldwide, haven’t been much effective in case of roads and wind power installations.

Topics of oral and poster presentations were varied, as Polish researchers apply and develop full menu of methods in field studies, laboratories, and processing of data. Some examples are portrayed on the photos of selected posters, below (thanks to Tomasz Jonderko and Iwona Hryniuk for their photos).

Polish researchers work also in some other countries, like Italy, Ukraine, Madagaskar, Mauritius and participate in international research programmes.

One of the presentations on the conference shown the impressive achievements of Ukraininan bat rehabilitation Centre in Kharkiv, a staff member of which studies in Poland.

Full programme of the conference (in Polish) is available at the organiser’s website. The symposium was organised by the Academic Bat Group of the Polish Nature Conservation Association “Salamandra”.

The conference venue was located in Wieżyca, on the beautiful Ostrzyckie Lake.