Monitoring visits are very helpful for project implementation. It is an opportunity for recapitulation and estimation of advancement and correctness of the venture’s conduct. It is especially important in such a complex project as is LIFE Podkowiec+.

The EU LIFE financial mechanism provides each project with appointed Monitors, who know the several projects they supervise and are able to check its management and give advice when necessary. The LIFE Podkowiec+ project is monitored by Ms Marta Kaczyńska, who visited the project for the last time during its implementation. During the visit Project Monitor and project team discussed the project advancement and gave last suggestions for how the reports and related documents should be prepared.

The Monitor visited also places where the activities have been carried out recently. The last of 9 renovated roofs and the guano platform in Głuchołazy, are used by the Lesser horseshoes already, the bats readily came back to the roost. In the Gorzanów chapel, where the roofing was also replaced, the bats received improved entrance, stopping the rain from going in, and new trees providing more shelter from predators than open space. Information plates installed near the renovated sites, inform about the works and their context. The support from LIFE funds for these renovations would not be possible if the saites were not located in the Natura 2000 areas, the system for protection of most endangered species and habitats in Europe.

We thank Ms Monitor for thorough, insightful supervision, which was mobilising and helpful in ensuring the assumed schedule of the project.