The LIFE Podkowiec+ is coming to its inevitable end. The “last” is the word that describes more and more project activities. The last of nine roofs has been renovated, some habitat adaptations inside the summer roosts is still going on, around the sites, some trees are being planted.

The project team modifies microhabitats to improve light and heat comfort at the attic of the Cistercian monastery in Szczyrzyc. It is one of the most important roosts in Poland for lesser horseshoe and Geoffroy’s bats. To large extent, the bats owe their good living conditions to the Fathers, whose order is one of the first to receive the Quality Sign Land of the Horseshoe Bat.

The painted black baffles against windows, reduce amount of light coming into the attic. Their location and shape does not obstacle the bat flying in and out.

The booths and baffles in the rooftop, in their turn, reduce draughts. Depending on their whereabouts, it stops warm or cool air to offer more diverse spectrum of temperatures for the bats to choose according to their actual needs.