Previous SPA centre built in Głuchołazy, originally as Waldesruh, then known as DW Zacisze or DW Górnik, hasn’t been used by people for years. However 140 adult Lesser horseshoe bats still live there, despite the building getting worn with time and weather. The roost is one of the very few in Opole Voivodship (Province) and even in the whole Polish part of Sudety Mountain Range. It is also ranked between 10 and 20 largest summer colonies in whole Poland.

The roost is located at the slopes of the Mt Parkowa (also known as Mt Chrobry) in Głuchołazy, which is ideal place for the horseshoe bat to live in. Their eating room is located next to the bedchamber. Leaving the roost, the bats immediately land in the park, neighboured by the beech forest nature reserve.

The horseshoe stay mainly in a side wing of the main building, and this part will be equipped with new roof, thanks to the LIFE Podkowiec+ project. The work is in progress and the colony will get safety soon. The friendly approach of the new owners of Zacisze to the little inhabitants of the attic, and their caring for the roost and its surroundings guarantee well-being of the bats for several dozen of years.

The Park around the colony has already been revitalised by the Foundation Benevolens, which runs also interesting educational activities about horseshoes and nature around the place. Perennial exhibition about lesser horseshoe bats is planned in the large hall, located directly under the colony. The project team has already been involved in some educational events, presenting the project achievements, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the EU LIFE financial mechanism, watching of bats emerging for their evening meal.

The restoration of the roost in Głuchołazy will be the ninth, already the last roof replacement in the LIFE Podkowiec+ project.