Conditions for bat summer colonies are getting improved in next few roosts.

Starting late November, and early December, several sites got attention of the LIFE Podkowiec+ team, in Trzciana (Borough of Dukla), Wilkowisko (County of Limanowa) and Ochotnica Dolna (County of Nowy Targ).

In the wooden church in Wilkowisko, baffles against draughts and to diversify microclimatic conditions have been installed. It was also important to protect important elements in the church from the impact of bat guano. The chandeliers and floor below the bat’s favourite hanging places have been covered with appropriate structures.

The Chapel of St John of Dukla in Trzciana is a small building, but several bat species, including all three target species of LIFE Podkowiec+ project, found shelter in its attic. Though the Geoffroy’s bat visits the site only accidentally, the lesser horseshoe and greater mouse-eared are more abundant with over 100 animals for each of the two species. Access to the attic with bats is very difficult, through a small window in the gable. Warm chamber at the roof top was created with the triangle baffles, behind which the warm air trap offers space to stay during colder days.

The church in Ochotnica Dolna got a completely new chamber, hanged well below the roof, where the thermal conditions allow more stability. On colder days it would offer warm shelter, while in case of heat it would not get as warm as the roof top area.