In Autumn, the horseshoe bats get ready for Winter sleep in their underground shelters. Calling wintering of bats “sleep” is a simplification, it is rather a state of torpor. Used to be called hibernation, though even this term is not fully adequate. Not going into details, bats get their couple of months rest.

Meanwhile, their fans use the last warm days for the horseshoe events. Worth to mention, these fans often recruit from the Horseshoe Bat Ambassadors and participants of the LIFE Podkowiec+ study tours.

The 49th Ojców Indian Summer gathered 49 teams of high school students from the małopolskie voivodship. The field quest qith several competitions helped to understand history and natural treasures of the Ojców National Park. The best teams won prizes funded by the Park. When the participants waited for the results of the competition at the camp fire, there was a side event with the plays and smaller competition on the lesser horseshoe bats, prepared by Piotr Firlej, the LIFE Podkowiec+ staff member.
Full report from the event was published on the Ojców National Park website and their Facebook fan-page.

On warm weekend of 14-15 October, in the Poprad river valley, the Horseshoe Closing of the Bat Season started with the Horseshoe Bike Quest, initiated by the Tourist Information Centre in Piwniczna, represented by Ms Małgorzata Kotarba. There were 11 points along the quest’s route, guided by the horseshoe starter-pack. Various tasks, including questions, cross-words, strike-outs, find the difference and other riddles had to be solved to gather points in this quest. Participants had even to phrase a horseshoe song!

The evening part of Saturday took part in the mountain hut near Wierchomla, with a lot of music under the “Horseshoe ultrasound” slogan.

On Sunday, participants went down to Muszyna, where they had more quests to solve in and around the Biblical Gardens and the Horseshoe Information Centre of the Sącz Region.

The event was organised by Polish Association of Wildlife Friends “pro Natura” (as a part of the Life Podkowiec+), Tourist Information Centre in Stary Sącz, Muszyna Biblical Gardens, Tourist Information Centre in Piwniczna.

In Autumn