Summer colony of the 140 adult lesser horseshoe bats in Głuchołazy occupies old ruined health centre. The part of the building where the bats concentrate has been reroofed lately within the LIFE Podkowiec+ project. May, 12th, The Benevolens Foundation organised event named Spring wake-up of the Horseshoe bat as a celebration of the Open Doors of the EU-Funds.

The project team made presentations about biologu and conservation of the horseshoes, and possible use of the species for animation of the visitor groups. The infrared cameras guests could watch live broadcast of the bats at the attic and their emergence at dusk. More information was available at the project information stand.

The hosts also prepared many attractions such as an exhibition of works from outdoor painting event and presentations about the local area (region of Nysa town).

As a recognition of their involvement into coservation and promotion of bats, the Benevolens Foundation has been awarded The Lesser horseshoe Land Quality Sign.