The lesser horseshoe bat is the uncrowned King of the Foothills.

These regions, with small mountains, forests, buildings and caves provide excellent conditions to this species. This sympathetic animals, like us, need clean, poison-free environment, full of green spaces. As the slogan for the horseshoe range country put it – The Horseshoes have good taste! Indeed, many of the summer roosts are located in beautiful castles and manors, churches and tserkovs.
Visiting the horseshoes, we have an opportunity to spend time in “beautiful circumstances of nature” (cult comedy quotation from Rejs / The Cruise, directed by Marek Piwowski), as well as in the beautiful circumstances of architecture.

This year’s event Crown of the Foothills, merged with The Horseshoes have good taste! is planned for 9-11 of March. It will take place in the
(Pogórze) Bukowskie Foothills and (Pogórze) Leskie Foothills plus a bit of Bieszczady Mts and Beskid Niski Mts.

The program (in Polish) may be found on the event website, where those interested may register.

To learn about the horseshoes will be possible during the whole event, which will take place much in the field. But there will also be a special part, starting 10th of March at 6pm. Then, there will be more presentations and handing out the Golden Horseshoe medal and of the Land of the Horseshoe Quality Sign to their newly selected holders. All participants will have a chance to draw the project T-shirts or other gadgets.

The organisers are The Student Group of the Mountain Guides (for the Crown of the Foothills event), and for the Horseshoes have good taste! part – the Polish Society of Wildlife Friends “pro Natura”, as an implementation of the LIFE Podkowiec+ project.

As a bait, some photos from last year’s Crown of the Foothills.

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