The LIFE Podkowiec+ project is coming to an end. Whilst some field work is still going on, including renovation of the last of nine roofs, tree planting and the adjustment of lighting of bat roost buildings it is the last season of such works. It’s time to sum up.

The date and venue of the closing conference has been set: it will take place in Bochnia, a beautiful town near Kraków, on 20-21 April 2018. The first day will present the project’s achievements, as well as experience from other projects, supplemented by a site visit to the nearby roost to see the works on-site. The participation of experienced horseshoe bat researchers and conservationists will make it possible to put our own experience into a broader geographical and environmental context, as well as comparing applied methods. The presentations will be in English and Polish, with simultaneous translation.

The second day of the conference will be a workshop, run with a smaller group of people. The purpose is to strengthen the Europe-wide cooperation in the horseshoe bat’s conservation, with the intention of developing collaborative projects. The workshop language will be English.

Participation in the event is free of charge, and the on-site costs such as food, accommodation and local transportation are covered. Foreign authors, with their presentations accepted into the programme, will receive support for their international travel costs as well.

The audience of the conference will be a broad group, including bat researchers, conservationists, public administration officials, administrators and owners of roosts. Therefore, the expected format of the presentations is not necessarily scientific. The proposed contributions will be discussed between the organisers and authors, in order to cover a wide range of problems and approaches.

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