In July, the monitoring visit to the LIFE Podkowiec+ project took place. The visitors were Ms Anna Franek from the European Commission and representatives of the Monitoring Team, MsMarta Kaczyńska and Mr Michal Horáček.

The Visitors analyse the project progress, its management and financial aspects. The visit started in the project office and then moved to the field.

During the filed visit, the guests learned about different tasks of the project – renovations, adaptations, green space improvements. They had also opportunity to see some activities inspired by the project, such as opening of the bat trail for tourists, educational activities of the Horseshoe Ambassadors, and plush horseshoe bats produced for the Museum in Ciężkowice. Some promotional activities of the project staff, including lectures, competitions and media interviews, enhanced actions of the counterparts.

It was important to meet the persons engaged in the protection of the lesser horseshoe bat, among them those recognised with the Golden Horseshoe and Land of teh Horseshoes awards.

Limited time of the stay allowed only for visiting of small part of the LIFE Podkowiec+ project sites.