It became tradition that April and May are full of horseshoe events. First of all, the air is busy with flying creatures that the are horseshoe bats’ prey. At he same time the nature lovers, long waiting for the Spring warmth, participate in numerous excursions, races, festivals and all the other outdoor activities.

Like its fans, the horseshoe bat happily visits these events to promote itself, as a guarantee for the clean, healthy nature. As a sedentary animal, that occurs mainly in the uplands, the area where the Podkowiec+ Project stands are most often found stretches along the southern, mountainous part of our country – in The Horseshoe Land.

Besides the events, organised by the PTPP “pro Natura”, usually with other partners, like local authorities, national parks, parishes, museums, schools, this year, May was the final of the Horseshoe Ambassador Championships. The Ambassadors organised their own events, thus making it possible for the bat to be in many places at the same time.