The Muszyna Biblical Gardens created the Lesser Horseshoe Information Centre in Sącz Region.

In the information point, one may learn:

– much on the Lesser horseshoe bat – a bat with style,

– where in the neighbourhood these bats live in Summer,

– and (Novelty!) learn how to play in the Lesser Horseshoe Field Game.

The Game starts and ends by the Gardens. To make it possible to collect all the letters for the password, and be able to find the way in the field, the rhymed guidance has been created. Some of the parts lead you through the field, some explains about the attractions on the way, and the other part provide letters that help to solve the riddle.

Solving the riddle entitles to a nice surprise.

The Game with surprise is available throughout the Summer (May to October).

Details how to get to the starting point in the Gardens, at:

See you in Muszyna