Once in three years, European bat researchers meet at the European Bat Research Symposium. This time, already 14th, Symposium took place in the Basque country, in Donostia. The conference gathered leading chiropterologists from all over Europe, as well as young researchers and many conservationists.

The LIFE Podkowiec+ project was represented by a poster (for download in large format) illustrating the project progress and achievements. The lectures in the programme showed many new aspects in bat biology, resulting from the use of advanced novel technologies, including in genetics and informatics. Many of these results may be transferred directly into conservation. Some examples of problems presented at the sessions, were increasing light pollution and direct killing of bats by cars and wind turbines. The abstract book is available at the organisers website. Also the group photo in larger resolution may be found there.

Besides the conference programme, the project representative had an opportunity to learn about the excellent results of the Pamplona-based conservationists. It was very stimulating, and worth to be transferred into Poland.

There was also some time between the sessions, to set up a working group on the Lesser horseshoe conservation in Europe, and discuss possibilities for future cooperation and expanding of the experience from the LIFE Podkowiec+ and project from other countries into a common international project.