LIFE PODKOWIEC+ Project was awarded with the BEST LIFE NATURE PROJECT title, i.e. best LIFE funded nature conservation project. The selection panel applied many criteria, such as the environmental benefits, innovation level, economic feasibility and replication potential for other countries. (more…)
21 May 2019
This is NOT the end of horseshoe conservation but only of the LIFE Podkowiec+ project. For 5 years, the Polish Society of Wildlife Friends “Pro Natura: run a project supported by the EU LIFE mechanism and the National Fund for Environment and Water Management, (more…)
30 June 2018
One of the last habitat improvements in the LIFE Podkowiec+ project was installation of some doors in the Nowy Wiśnicz castle. (more…)
28 June 2018
Monitoring visits are very helpful for project implementation. It is an opportunity for recapitulation and estimation of advancement and correctness of the venture’s conduct. (more…)
7 June 2018
Summer colony of the 140 adult lesser horseshoe bats in Głuchołazy occupies old ruined health centre. The part of the building where the bats concentrate has been reroofed lately within the LIFE Podkowiec+ project. (more…)
17 May 2018
The closing conference of LIFE Podkowiec+ project gathered participants from Poland and 7 different European countries. (more…)
28 April 2018
Take your smile and a horseshoe for the May ramble. Exactly like the horseshoe bats do!
We will visit Sudety Mts, Beskid Sądecki Mts, Beskid Niski Mts, Gorce Mts and i Rożnowskie Foothills. (more…)
27 April 2018
By drawing or painting you may win a T-shirt of the Horseshoe Land in the favourite colour.


29 March 2018
Calendar of events in the Horseshoe Land in 2018


1 March 2018
The LIFE Podkowiec+ is coming to its inevitable end. The “last” is the word that describes more and more project activities. (more…)
27 February 2018
The lesser horseshoe bat is the uncrowned King of the Foothills.

These regions, with small mountains, forests, buildings and caves (more…)

21 February 2018
The LIFE Podkowiec+ project is coming to an end. Whilst some field work is still going on, including renovation of the last of nine roofs, tree planting and the adjustment of lighting of bat roost buildings it is the last season of such works. It’s time to sum up. (more…)
29 January 2018
Many entities has been involved in the conservation of the lesser horseshoe bat. Besides the LIFE Podkowiec+ project, there are own local initiatives. (more…)
29 January 2018
Conditions for bat summer colonies are getting improved in next few roosts.

Starting late November, and early December, several sites got attention of the LIFE Podkowiec+ team (more…)

19 December 2017
Previous SPA centre built in Głuchołazy, originally as Waldesruh, then known as DW Zacisze or DW Górnik, hasn’t been used by people for years. However 140 adult Lesser horseshoe bats still live there, despite the building getting worn with time and weather. (more…)
13 December 2017