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Project leaflet

leaflet The LIFE Podkowiec+ project leaflet explains the goals of the project in relation to ecological requirements of bats.
The full version of the leaflet can be downloaded here (English version):
side 1
side 2
Polish version is available as well.

Project leaflet in Polish

ulotka The LIFE Podkowiec+ leaflet in Polish.
Full leaflet (in Polish) is available for download here:
side 1
side 2
English version is available.

Project poster for EBRS 2017

poster The LIFE Podkowiec+ poster presents progress of the Podkowiec+ project and its achievements in the conservation of lesser horseshoe and other bats.

Poster LIFE Podkowiec+ at the EBRS 2017, Donostia

Layman's Report

Technical Report in Polish (Raport Końcowy)

After Life Conservation Plan