Quality Sign “Land of the Horseshoe bat”

  • OrganizerPTPP pro Natura
  • EntriesAny person or institution
  • CriteriaBat friendly operations within Land of the Horseshoe bat
PTPP “pro Natura” set up a quality sign “Kraina Podkowca” (Land of the horseshoe bat) helping in promotion of the region where these bats live, and recognize the bat friendly institutions.
Entities, whose actions were recognized by the Board of the Sign as significantly supporting conservation or promoting need for the conservation of the Lesser horseshoe and other bats within the area of the Land of the Horseshoe bat, may be awarded with The Horseshoe Land Quality Sign.
Individuals and entities are invited to indicate candidates to the Sign, sending their proposals with the name, address and contact data of the candidate along with the justification for the entry to the Sign secretary at pro Natura.
The regulations of the Sign are available in the rule-book (in Polish).
Additionally, a Golden Horseshoe Bat medallion as a recognition of individual achievements of the individual persons has been established
The first decisions of the Board of the Sign was made in March 2016, and announced on a gala in Mogilno (Korzenna Commune), 2 April 2016. Next events took place in August 2016 in Wapiennik, and April 2017 at the Nowy Wiśnicz Castle.