Project activities

  • Protection of bat roosts
  • Actions around the roosts and flyways
  • Promoting bat conservation

For the successful implementation of the Project, several types of conservation activities have been planned and realised. Project’s main focus was renovation of the whole buildings or improvement of the indoor and outdoor habitats of bats, monitoring of the result and population trends, encouraging friendly attitudes towards bats and their presence in human neighbourhoods.

Protection of bat roosts:

Roost conservation included activities such as sustaining construction of the buildings where bats roost, improving of the living conditions for bats and their safety inside the roosts. The Podkowiec+ project actions covered: replacement of roofing, installation of guano collecting platforms, devices preventing access of raptors and human disturbance, baffles to prevent penetration of light, draughts and to control temperatures, and other improvements of the indoor habitats where bats give birth and raise their young or spend the winter season.
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Actions around the roosts and fly-ways:

These actions in case of each roost started with analysis of its surroundings and planning of desired situation: arrangement of green space and of the illumination of the buildings and space. The planning takes into consideration basic functions of the objects and were consulted with the site owners. The implementation of these plans included care for green spaces, planting of trees and shrubs, and sometimes removal or replacement of improper illumination.
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Promoting bat conservation:

Special quality sign “Land of the Horseshoe bat” has been designed to promote institutions running their operations in a bat friendly way and help to sustain their habitats, the individual persons received another recognition – the “Golden Horseshoe” medal. Other forms of promotion were through the public media, organisation of exhibitions and conferences, participation in local and national events, publication of promotional materials etc.

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