• Public institutions
  • Owners of land and buildings
  • Bat conservation organisations
  • Other LIFE Projects
  • Scientific institutions
  • Educatonal centres

Cooperation within the LIFE Podkowiec+ means work with numerous institutions and persons.


Some tasks, like selection of the conservation tasks, planning of roost renovations and habitat adaptations, is done in strict cooperation with the conservation administration institutions, such as Regional Director for Environment or national parks, historic heritage conservation, local administration, National Forestry, owners of the sites and land.
Pro Natura’s experts bring their input to the conservation plans for Natura 2000 and other protected areas inhabited by bats, help to define conservation tasks for the future management of protected areas, participate in the consultation processes and training workshops. The administration bodies issue opinions and permits, and the land owners and site managers give their consent as well.

Renovations and adaptations

Implementation of the conservation tasks is done mainly by the project team and sub-constructors, hired to perform tasks that require special skills, qualifications, and entitlement, for example replacement of the roof cover or design of construction work. Sometimes, the renovation works is a much wider investment, besides the part important for bats, where the site owner would do their part, without engagement of the resources. In such case strict cooperation and coordination of the work is crucial. Whole investments, and sometimes even those independent from the LIFE project but run inside important bat roosts are supervised against accordance with the conservation goals by the Podkowiec+ project staff member.


Monitoring of the bat populations is done by the project staff, in cooperation with persons and institutions running their own research. It is important not only to reduce the work load, but also for the bats, which should not be disturbed over the necessary minimal level.


Promotion (informing about the project, its goals, activities and results), by its character, requires broad contacts with media, internet portals, educational institutions etc. The Tracked-down tab shows links to the publications of different media, presenting LIFE Podkowiec+ project or bat conservation activities of the PTPP “pro Natura”. Two TV documentary series (Mission Natura and Dancing with Nature) allocated to the project whole episode, each.

International cooperation

The LIFE Podkowiec+ is among biggest and most important bat conservation projects in Europe, according to the leading European chiropterologists. It results from decades of Pro Natura’s cooperation with the centres for research and conservation of bats. Project Coordinator and Assistant participated in the European Bat Research Symposium in Croatia, and most of the staff were involved in the exchange with leading horseshoe bat conservation organisation, i.e. the Vincent Wildlife Trust.

Institutions involved in implementation of the LIFE Podkowiec+ project