About Horseshoe Land

  • Areahabitat range of the Lesser horseshoe bat
  • Geographical scopeSouthern Poland
  • Brandrecognition of bat-friendly institutions and individuals
  • Goalpromotion of the bat-friendly behaviour
  • Owner of the brandPTPP

Horseshoe Land (Kraina Podkowca) is the region, where the valuable habitats of the Lesser horseshoe bat remained. Where these animals feel comfortable and the people are friendly to bats.
The Horseshoe Land is also a brand, which while implementing the LIFE Podkowiec+ project is introduced and promoted in the areas covered by project activities. The brand is a recognition for the administration, business and other institutions whose operations support the bats. The goal of the brand is to popularise and support good practices favouring the environment for people and bats.
Map of the Horseshoe Land